Retail Membership Consultants is a globally creative gift card design company and are the better design way of advanced marketing for brands powered by experience. We will leave no stones unturned, and we welcome your business.

 Gift Card Pay



A better design program for a changing world

Gift Card Plus

Gift Card Plus is a design solution for retail merchants, created by Retail Membership Consultants ®, and a tool for your customers and followers to support and pay. 

Get guidance from our award-winning designers to perform and install a successful branded customizable gift card program with personable language messaging and a standalone payment acceptance type. +—additional step-by-step strategies to help whenever and however you need it for the future growth of your business.

Our approach is, without question, affordable; we have programs starting from $99.00/mo and are custom designed with your brand story in mind. We developed our Gift Card Plus program to pay faster, support farther better, and become the forefront of our applications. Our experts are saving the life of retail one design at a time!

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Who We Are?

We are a globally creative and equipment company and are the better design way of support for brand visions powered by experience.


Headquartered in Chicago and based in Alpharetta, Ga, focusing on gift card design, subscription design, counter checkout tools, technology, retail interior design, and advertising. We also create custom-written content and tagline advantages for beauty brands, advertisers, retail, and financial companies.

Each design discovery is new or refocused with a guidance tool and shares a transferable mindset to operate in a current world. ​

Our services present an opportunity for retail brick-and-mortar businesses to offer innovative community-supported retail products. Our clients depend on our direction's legitimacy and understand that we agree with the business's vision and represent a fluent success movement. We share a viable growth plan even when times of precariousness are presently involved.

Our Vision

Our vision is to consult with small and large retail brands to present a proof positive solution to help them with progressive ideas, wisdom insight, design, and the best in space-saving processing technology and add-on modifiers that produce results.


With our partners' help, we have positioned our Gift Card Plus as the advantage to balance business and play into the future of retail assets in real-time.


Our firm's mission and consultancy strategy are to discover a current and responsive audience's application that aligns with our passionate vision of saving retail with dynamic ideas of compassion and excellence in production.


Our services' cost remains cost-worthy, and we would love to honor your request for a free consultation.


Our Process


Welcome to a company designed with a passion for business and powerful possibilities to welcome and engage new and existing clients. A brand centered around excellence and a global vision as far as the length of the globe. Journey with us provides an updated, modernized approach to design and capture a sense of security and purposeful marketing that is orderly, original, and profitable.

Reinvigorating businesses requires a thoughtful and talented hands-on skill set and must follow by extreme concern for the brand that ultimately is in focus. The Retail Membership crew is kind and has studied the consumer or corporate way of thinking and, with influence, has the skill to tell brand stories through a system that is visually fantastic and requires little effort.

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RMC's long history of innovative ideas and strong partnerships add an experience to make design affordable, agreeable, and exciting. In today's ever-changing retail market, our team of senior account reps and award-winning designers are here for the challenge and can help your business grow with winning conclusions.

Meeting to organize or change the narrative is needed in retail, and our commitment is to bring the best in needed change internally.

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Design Presentation

We simplify the company master design plan to include a mock-up of the proposed design and overall messaging. We add the process flow and enrichments to aid in the mission's success and cost analysis to legitimize. Our design work will include a marketing plan—from the approval to the recurring aspect of the project.

Our number one virtue is excellence and kindness - a rare but needed component to answering for current design performance and we highlight.

Focusing on the brand patina and undertoned messaging will present a timeless idea and refer our design meeting to our next-level approach.


The Retail Membership Consultants difference is even more reason to work with us. We welcome your contact.


The VX 520 Is Everything a countertop device should be.


Delivering unprecedented performance, lighting-fast speeds, and — uncompromised security, this power-packed payment

device works hard, so you don’t have to. The VX 520 comes with dial-up or ethernet connectivity and an optional battery. A comm port area underneath the device keeps countertops free of clutter.


The VX 520 operates at lightning speed thanks to a powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC/CTLS capabilities support Gift Card Pay, loyalty programs, and Payment Acceptance.


Our program is interest-free and congruent every month and includes insurance and gift cards powered by our partnering company brand Valutec. We will leave no stones unturned, and we welcome your questions.


Gift Card Monthly Installments low monthly payments are interest‑free.

We offer our customers affordable monthly installments that will grow your business. Because our clients have other things to worry about, we have made our application simple, and you won't have to endure a credit check.


The cost of design, cards, and marketing and the monthly recurring charge for the device will be paid upfront. Installment Payments are collected automatically and do require a credit card on file.

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Membership Web Design

We create an award-winning, beautiful, and customized web design experience with a personalized membership attachment inclusive. And a unique title of page descriptives and designs to enhance the flow of your process format. We work directly with TSYS WebPASS to supports recurring payments, voids and returns, and industry-specific transactions such as recurring charges and convenience fees. WebPass is growing as the future of Virtual processing and membership software for small to large-sized brands. You will need a computer that meets the minimal requirements, a high-speed Internet connection;

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Retail Interior Design

We are combining a wide range of creative and technical skills. Our interior architects work alongside the brand marketing team, contractors, engineers, and other professionals to build branded retail environments and office-designed spaces.


Additionally, we are working with companies that supply rooms for a modern time. 

Our design team will provide the following:

  • Space planning

  • Color Theory & Application

  • Seating

  • COVID-19 Design Solutions

  • Custom Upholstery

  • Interior Signage Messaging Detail

  • Exterior Signage Design/Installation


The Yellow Cover Magazine brand is a valid cultural reference for local and abroad customer reach and has become the forerunner in magazine design and featured stories. With over 900 thousand unique views and a strong notoriety that reaches 99% of 18-72-year-olds.

Our partnership to bring a one-of-a-kind magazine design experience to your community in a vast amount of cities and on our pages will twofold change the trajectory of care of our communities. 





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