Leadership Team


We are a group of managing partners, mid-market sales experts, interior/creative architects who set out on a mission to provide gift card pay, membership plan, and layout for the retail community. Our team has made significant strives to reach conglomerate businesses locally and across the globe. But how to keep one brand focus with multiple offerings bold and at the same time thoughtful and within the interest of our target reach is our most significant gift. 

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Trebresa Smith -— Head of Mid Market Sales

Christine Deruji — Head of Marketing

Joslin Wyne — Payment Compliance Manager

Joy Jones — Outside Sales Manager

Traron White — IT Operations, Inside Sales



Jimmy Colette — Content Writer

Joshua Jones-— Senior Graphics Designer

Jalynn Jones — Brand Stylist

Christopher Hayes — Membership/ Web Designer

Trebresa Smith — Senior Interior/ Creative Architect

RMC Design